Our Statement



One team!

Our vision is to connect people with common interests and to offer the opportunity to share the enthusiasm for this amazing sport. We want to create a place for exchange. Everyone is part of the community.

Schwergewichtiger Lifter


Quality before quantity. In order to offer an unique experience, we focus on selected tours. Therefore we offer an all-round positive experience in detail. Which includes the accommodation, a variety of healthy food, professional coaches and different activities.



We took the currently changing travel industry and global development as an opportunity to integrate sustainability in our offer.


In exchange with our customers, we are open for improvement.

About me

Functional Fitness Lover, 38

Hotel specialist, Flight Attendant, Tour Guide, CrossFit lover and globetrotter.

For me travelling is more than sand and the sea. I become aware of different cultures and learn about other ways of life.


In 2017 I started doing CrossFit and since then it is my greatest passion. 


My vision is to bring a group of people together who have a common goal and who have common interests, to spend their time together at amazing places.


Mixing familiar structures and routines with colorful adventures and experiences. Be on the road with people who understand me when I talk about HSW, BMU or T2B. For me, that's community travel.


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